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At incomify, we are a team of Forex and software experts dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. Our thoroughly-tested automation software ensures that your risk capital is safe as it can be, while delivering consistent gains.


Let us help you take control of your financial future today.

About us

incomify was created in 2023 with a simply idea in mind: make automated Forex strategies available to a wide range of retail investors. Here's what inspires us:

1. We believe in Simplicity

No upfront or exit fees, and no lengthy contracts. We charge just a flat 25% performance fee on gains. This means that if you don't make profits, we won't charge you a cent. Also bear in mind that VPS hosting fees (necessary to make your account work) are just $10/m, and are refundable once your reach 2.5 traded lots per month.

2. We believe in Transparency

At incomify, we strongly believe in trust and transparency. That's why we make our results live and public for anyone to see. We want our clients to have complete confidence in our services, so that they can become advocates of our values with others.

3. We believe in Risk Management

We do believe that protecting your capital is just as crucial as earning a return. That's why by carefully balancing risk VS reward and prioritising capital protection we have created a sustainable portfolio of automated strategies that helps you achieve your financial goals.

Ready to make contact?

Get in touch with us to have a better grasp about how incomify works and if our service is something for you

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