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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need. And if you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact for further information.

  • What is incomify?
    incomify is a copy-trading service that allows you to trade CFDs (derivates in the foreign exchange market) without prior trading experience. In simple terms, we run the master account with Expert Advisors (bots that scan the market and perform trades automatically) and the trades are copied into your broker account.
  • How much does incomify cost?
    incomify charges a flat 25% performance fee on any net equity gain directly in Fusion Markets account. This is calculated on a monthly basis on the 1st of every month and it is paid automatically via your broker account. There are no entry or exit fees and we have no access to your broker account for withdrawals. The copy-trading service (Fusion+) is free of charge as long as your trading account is doing at least 2.5 lots of FX/Metals per month. If you trade less than this, you will pay USD $10 per month fee to cover Fusion's hosting costs.
  • Is incomify a risk-free investment?
    When it comes to investing, no financial security can be categorised as risk-free. Just like investing in ETFs, stocks or cryptos, there are risks involved. Due to the volatile nature of trading, your capital will go through highs and lows, and losses are part of the day-to-day activity. For more info, please read our risk disclosure notice.
  • Is incomify a profitable long-term investment?
    Historical data shows consistent growth over the long run, proving incomify's ability to perform across different market conditions, including bear, sideways, and bull markets. This is important because it removes the (practically impossible) challenge of timing the market with a more traditional asset like Stocks or ETFs.
  • incomify VS S&P500
    The US stock market index tracking S&P500 averaged 10.20% from 2003 to 2023. In contrast, incomify's proprietary automated systems shows average gains of roughly 30-40% per year.* * past performance is not indicative of future gains, as this depends on market conditions.
  • Is incomify tax free?
    In the UK, CFD trading is taxed with a flat 20% Capital Gain Tax once you make more than £3,000 per fiscal year. It is crucial to keep in mind that tax regulations can vary in jurisdictions outside of the United Kingdom. These regulations are prone to modifications and are influenced by personal situations. Please refer to your local tax authority for more information.
  • Where is incomify available?
    incomify is available worldwide, apart from these countries: Afghanistan, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, New Zealand, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Canada (only Ontario), Yemen, Japan, or the United States of America or its territories.

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